The staff 

The owner of the restaurant is Gabriele Torretto. Thanks to his passion for cooking and for welcoming people, at the age of 22 he opened the ristorante La Valle. The restaurant has soon become nationally and internationally well-known. 

The experience is created by the chefs Majcol Lapi and Stefano Malvardi who worked in the restaurant for some years after their studies. Both of them had important experiences and collaborations afterwards: Majcol was sous chef at La Madernassa restaurant in Guarene and chef-de-partie at Piazza Duomo restaurant in Alba; Stefano had a few experiences in the restaurants of Alain Ducasse and was the owner and chef of Quanto Basta restaurant in Turin. Then, they both went back to the start and are now here, putting their talent and passion in the dishes they make and create. 

Martino Rosboch has been working in the restaurant for many years, supporting its growth working with Gabriele, Majcol and Stefano. 

Welcoming you in the dining room, you will find Elena Serratore, waitress and curator of the wine list, and the waiters Cesar Uccelli and Alessandro Girardo.